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We cannot separate who we are from what we do when we do it with authenticity.  Guiding you on the path of your true north is my passion.


I am a professional intuitive, healer and activator.  I’ve helped hundreds of people gain clarity in themselves, their relationships and their purpose.  Do you ever wonder what your purpose in this life is?  Do you want to understand the spiritual contracts in your relationships?  Do you want to set priorities in your life so you feel balanced and whole?


About Me


I see and work with all facets of a person including emotional, physical, spiritual, and energetic.  I take the conversation and solutions beyond the boundaries of talk therapy.  


As an experienced mental health therapist, I have worked intimately with clients of all ages from birth to end of life in a wide variety of environments - ranging from in-home, in-community, alternative school, public schools K-12, community mental health agencies, and private practice.  Over the course of my career, I have trained in Trauma Approaches, Couples Therapy, Family Systems and Cognitive Behavioral therapies.  Working within a variety of systems has allowed me to build skill and experience in delivering mental health services at various levels of need.  


As my work progressed, I realized there was a presence of energy and intelligence that I was not able to articulate or deliver within traditional therapy practices.  There was another side to the work that was invisible but extremely powerful.  Slowly and cautiously, I began to integrate this intuitive component into the work and my sessions.  In doing this, the transformative healing grew exponentially and my private practice shifted to short-term because clients were able to move through blocks more quickly.


I took the following years to develop and strengthen my intuitive practice through deep and extensive trainings in Past Life Regression Therapy, Evidential Mediumship and Energy Healing  & Shamanic Techniques. Now, as an intuitive, activator and healer, I blend metaphysical arts such as intuitive readings, past life readings, mediumship, and energy healing within the traditional therapy setting to offer clients optimal healing movement.  Helping clients see and feel beyond the limits of their own consciousness and beliefs allows for true breaks from unhealthy patterns. 

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My passion is to connect people with their own unique superpowers so they can feel in control instead of needing to have control.


Every person has a “true north” or true path that they walk.  I call this your spirit. To be human is to experience emotions and relationships.  This is your karma. When on your true path, everything feels right, even when it is challenging.  Your karma and the karma of others is what pushes or pulls you off that path.  Together, we can understand, learn from and release your karma.

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As a former psychotherapist, I frame and guide sessions with your safety and inner growth as a priority.  As an intuitive, I go beyond the visible, tangible and evidential information to allow for a higher intelligence to provide assistance and solutions.  My spiritual approach is authentic, grounded and practical.


I have an incredible passion and enthusiasm for this work and bring that to every session, partnering with people on the journey to be and feel free.  My approach is direct and cooperative and best matched with clients who are really ready to make focused shifts in their lives.

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Professional Training


  • Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

  • Certified in Past Life Regression Therapy by Dr. Brian Weiss (The Weiss Institute).

  • 10 month Apprentice Program with Cyndi Dale, Author * Intuitive * Healer; Advanced Healing Techniques

  • Psychic/Medium Extended Workshop, Drew Cali, Spiritual Medium

  • Certified Reiki Level II Practitioner