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Jericho, VT 05465

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Individual Sessions

Focus Session(s)

My gift is in my lens through which I see people.  I can see the original seed of one's spirit. As a trained therapist, intuitive, medium and energy healer -  I will reflect back concepts, insight, messages and optimal solutions as well as facilitate you through shifting unhelpful subtle energies out of the body.  You can come in with a specific issue you want resolution with or without any expectation at all - either way, the session will be guided for the healing that is needed.

I will be your guide and partner on your journey to these answers.  I will bring my intuition, training, and experience to assist you in unlocking the wisdom you already have within.  


I will create a safe space for you to unlock and explore areas where you desire change and support and fortify the space for you to embrace the wisdom and direction that is given.


Access to spirit (living and non-living) allows for a higher intelligence and new perspective to be present in these sessions and exponential growth for those who are open and ready.  These sessions can also include referrals to various other healing modalities that would serve the highest good of the client.

Learn more by checking out my Focus Session FAQ page 




60 minute Focus Session = $120