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Group Workshops


Past Life Regression Workshops


In a tranquil and supported environment, I will provide the group with a brief teaching or customized message for the group of participants who are in attendance.  The experiential workshop will begin with guided relaxing techniques to prepare your body and mind for deep levels of meditation and relaxation.


I will gently guide you through a regression to multiple lifetimes, future lives, future moments within the current lifetime and healing meditations to release and cleanse the body on a soul level. Throughout the regression, you will explore past lives, relationships with soul mates, soul contracts and connect to your spirit guides.


This highly experiential workshop requires nothing more than an open mind and a willingness to finally let go of unsatisfying patterns in your life while opening up to your true purpose. All skill levels welcome.

Learn more: view clips from Oprah’s interview with Dr. Brian Weiss.


Learn more on the Past Life Regression FAQ page.


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