Your True North


22 Raceway Road, Suite 2B

Jericho, VT 05465

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A rare find

It's rare for me to feel fully understood. And I have never had the experience of being seen as so much more lovable and beautiful than I believe myself to be. Caryn was all of this and more for me. I felt completely seen and gained access to a self-love that I never thought possible. Beyond that, Caryn helped me gain access to my own sense of intuition, which has opened up the mystery of life in an unstoppable and beautiful way. She's also brilliant, hilarious, and somehow totally down-to-earth despite her magical powers. 

Perspective, balance and calm

Life has been on an even keel since meeting Caryn. She brings me perspective, balance and calm. My relationships, my work and my life are just better. I appreciate and look forward to all my meetings with Caryn and I always leave feeling good about myself. 


Thanks for all you do! 

Your greater purpose

Spending time with Caryn is like spending time with sunshine, and making connections with our very essence. If you squint just right, you can see the little lariat she uses to tie your soul to your greater purpose and well,  you emerge feeling like something special just happened as the mystery unravels... did I mention this takes place in a beautiful restored barn? 


You are my favorite Cowgirl, you don't have to use this if it's too weird. It can be my personal ode to your work....

Insightful and intuitive

Caryn's is insightful and intuitive, she has a way of shining a light on your best self and illumination the path forward.   Her skills are a true gift for anyone working with her. 

Highly recommend

I began seeing Caryn during a major life change. Put simply, each time I leave her office, I feel uplifted, positive, validated, and I often find new perspective with my situation or a part of myself. I highly recommend Caryn.

Intuitive beyond imagination

As durable, capable humans, we sometimes forget how much help we need from others. As someone who has spend a life-time searching for true direction and understanding through a variety of modalities I offer you this. 


The caterpillar cocoons itself inside a chrysalis which swaddles the transforming creation. Only when it is ready does it emerge as a butterfly, to soar. Released prematurely, it will cease to thrive. Only the creation knows when it is ready to come out. Choosing not to emerge its isolation ( introspection)  the morphing creation can not expand  its wings and will also cease to thrive. 


Caryn's gift is not in releasing us from our chrysalis but rather she comes inside creating a more hospitable environment so we can flourish as we prepare to emerge. Using insight from spirit guides, angles, or whomever we believe helps us through this challenge of life. She is intuitive beyond imagination in clearing the quagmire that impedes us from a life full of contentment, love and wonder.

Greater universal context

Caryn uses her intuition, great sense of humour, life experience and genuine warmth to connect to both the individual and to a greater universal context.  This unique therapeutic service leads to a graceful and gentle healing and helps people find valuable perspective.  If you are someone interested in working with your intuition but haven't spent much time in those "other realms" she can be a gentleguide. If you are someone with loads of experience using intuitive healing practices you will find a fellow traveler on this path who can help you deepen your awareness and practice. She works with people at their comfort level and makes personal work enjoyable, human, honest and engaging. 

Steps toward healing

In one hour session, Caryn was able to provide insight to a very traumatic experience I had that validated and reaffirmed every thought and feeling I myself had had without knowing why. She validated things that I knew to be true as soon as she said them, as though somewhere inside I had known all along. She opened me up to realizations about my higher self and my spirit guides. I’m so grateful for her insight that has gone deeper than traditional therapy and empowered me to take steps toward healing.

Change your life for the better

Caryn Benevento is a talented therapist, an amazing psychic and a throughly engaging professional. Her combination of skill, passion and humor is magical and will keep you coming back for more. Meeting with Caryn can change your life for the better.

I have recommended her to several of my friends and they all say the same thing, “I love her."

Identifying roots causes

Caryn has been incredibly helpful at identifying roots causes of recurring patterns and resolving issues that had been plaguing me for years.  With her incredibly keen sense of intuition, awareness, extraordinary listening skills, her steadfast and compassionate presence and ability to bring pure clarity to a situation, Caryn has helped me see through complex and challenging situations. With Caryn’s guidance, her calm and supportive style, my heart is more open and my spirit is more vibrant than ever.

Forever grateful

I am forever grateful for finding and working with Caryn. Her sessions have been very therapeutic to my heart and my soul.  She was able to shed light on my problem areas, provide insight and understanding,  all with kindness, humor, and unwavering compassion.  She truly comes from a place of wanting to help and heal others. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to connect with themselves, their path in life and are looking for guidance in how to do so.  I have recommended several friends to her over the past year and all of them continue to tell me how truly wonderful she is, and what an immense difference she has also made in their lives. 

Experienced a rapid response

This is what I had experienced only from speaking to you a couple of times via email and only once in person..... 


I had experienced a rapid response of warmth and Welcome since the first time we talked via email. You were very willing to fit me into your schedule before I left Vermont and very flexible with rescheduling due to the weather. 


I am so grateful for the whole experience of crossing paths with you because of the healing that had occurred in our session. I felt safe and trusted that I was, in order to explore some depths of myself and comfortably meet what I needed to within, enabling me to confront what was inside in order to heal and take a step towards becoming more whole. 


 I was comfortable and felt welcomed from the very moment I stepped into your office till the moment I left. It felt right. And I am very grateful for the whole experience. 

Connected with Caryn immediately

I felt drawn to and connected with Caryn immediately. She seemed to understand me unlike anyone else. She validated my thoughts, feelings and ideas and helped me grow comfortably into who I am truly meant to be. I'm so grateful for Caryn's gifted way of combining her intuition, knowledge and experience to guide me in finding my unique path.

A unique ability

Caryn has a unique ability to give and communicate deep healing beyond the typical understanding of the psyche. After each session with Caryn, I now have a powerful and true knowing of myself. She has helped me understand my own strength and have courage to continue my journey towards happiness.

A sense of peace

Spending time with Caryn brings a sense of peace to me as I have never known. I have never been someone who experienced counseling in my life but was hit with a crisis that I felt I was not handling well.  Caryn was able to bring me a sense of comfort with life’s cycles and the joy you can find in just being in the present and experiencing what is happening instead of fighting it and trying to “fix” it.  Her ability to reach me and guide me was incredible helpful.