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‘Seat of Self’ Energy Management Training


This fun and informative ‘Seat of Self’ workshop with Caryn Benevento, M.A. LCMHC will teach relatable concepts of getting and staying in your ‘Seat of Self’ throughout your workday and at home.  Learn how to reduce burn-out and compassion fatigue before it starts by understanding how subtle energy plays an invisible role in the work you do. Personal balance and energetic harmony are individual and unique; learning to find your authentic yes, no and maybe is key to maintaining a life that is directed by you with clarity and confidence. The concepts and tools shared in this workshop are designed to help you access the infinite wisdom and flow that gives your work a strong sense of direction and purpose.



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L.E.A.P. (Love Ends All Pain) Workshops


In a tranquil and supported environment, I will provide the small group with specific and customized spiritual teaching or messages specific to the group of participants who are in attendance. The experiential workshop will begin with guided relaxing techniques to prepare your body and mind for deep levels of meditation and relaxation.


Using quantum healing techniques, Caryn will gently guide participants to multiple and various aspects within the soul and spirit, such as exploring soul contracts with partners or children in their current lives, exploring soul purpose in past and current lifetime, exploring and releasing family patterns disease or patterns, aligning with universal energy to manifest what you desire in your life and much more.


Topics and focuses of these workshops vary so stayed tune.


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